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  • 1/4, 1/2, and Whole Beefalo for SALE!!!

    We have a limited supply of Beefalo meat for sale right now!! We are selling it by the 1/4, 1/2, or whole Beefalo. The cost is $3.49 a pound hanging weight. Come in to Bombdiggitys (1481 W. 12600 S. Riverton UT ) and talk to Doug or Steve to order some today. Or give me (Doug) a call @801-560-5003

  • New Beefalo Burger Restaurant

    Bombdiggitys Beefalo Burgers & Frozen Custard 1481 W 12600 S Riverton Utah will be open for business the first week in April. Finally you can have a burger or gourmet hot dog that is great tasting and good for you. Utah Beefalo & livestock is the sole supplier of Bombdiggitys, so pending the opening of the restaurant all meat sales are on hold. We apologize for the inconvenienc...

  • All Natural is Better!

    We have finished our tests on the quality of the Beefalo on "Grain vs Grass" diets. That debate can go on and on, but from what we have learned, the beefalo that were on all natural grass and legume diets were superior to grain finished animals. Beefalo are lower in fat and have fewer cholesterol cells in the meat itself, so feeding a bunch of grain doesn't make any sense. So...

  • To try it is to love it !

    Our first meat sales have been a huge success. We are slightly back ordered now and trying to keep up with current orders. We really appreciate those who have bought sample packs. Almost everyone who purchased the sample packs have ordered a whole or at least a half of Beefalo. If you really like beef, and want a great tasting, naturally raised, good for you alternative, give B...

  • New Calf Time

    This is my favorite time of year. We artificially inseminate to insure the best genetics possible, so it is a lot of fun to see the results. And they sure are cute. These are just a few of the Calves. We have had 61 out of 83 so far. Next year, if all goes well, we should have between 110 and 150.