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Welcome to Utah Beefalo & Livestock.

Utah Beefalo & Livestock is a family owned and operated farm and ranch, specializing in raising all natural beefalo. Why beefalo? Beefalo has the great taste of the finest beef, yet is significantly lower in cholesterol, fat, and calories, and is high in protein. Now you can truly HAVE YOUR STEAK AND EAT IT TO! All of our Beefalo are raised on grass and legume. No grains or artificial feeds are ever fed.

About Beefalo

Beefalo is a cross between domestic cattle and the North American Bison. A full blood Beefalo does not contain less than 3/8 Bison. While it is as tender and tasty as beef, Beefalo offers many benefits for the health-conscious consumer.

Compare The Facts

It’s a fact. USDA tests prove that Beefalo has less cholesterol than chicken and less fat, cholesterol, and calories than traditional beef. Beefalo even meets the dietary recommendations of the American Heart Association, so consumers enjoy all the taste of beef with added health benefits.

Company Blog

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